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Spiritual Living Classes

"Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakens."
- Carl Gustav Jung

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10 Thursdays plus 1 Saturday beginning

Date: August 2017

7:00pm to 9:30pm

Facilitator: Rev. Charles Rose

- Sign up Sheet is in Lobby -

Fee: $299 (Payment Plans Available)


with . . .

More Really Wonderful Classes Coming Soon!


See you in Class!



The Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living provides spiritual tools that transform lives and make the world a better place!

No matter who you are or what the current issues on your path, in classes you will find a new perspective - in a timeless message that is totally relevant for today. Each class is taught in a fun and fast-paced format. The support of shared insights and the opportunity to ask questions in a classroom setting offer a learning environment not easily duplicated with solitary study. The discipline of regular attendance and the weekly readings create a framework for asking the big questions about life and our place in it.

Our programs are designed to help you develop into your highest self-expression in each area of your life - health, work, finances and relationships. What we know is consciousness is evolving and developmental - that means being aware that there's always more to learn, more to do, more to become.

If we wish to live a deeply spiritual life, we must develop competency in the basics of living within the complexity of this physical world, and develop emotional intelligence in understanding ourselves and others.

We need to develop a mental discipline to sustain the status quo yet be open and receptive to innovation and creativity.

And as we move into higher levels of conscious competency we begin to understand the far-reaching implications of our interconnectedness to all life, that we are indeed our brothers' keepers and custodians of this planet.


Here are some of the policies that pertain to students taking course work. There are other policies in addition to these. If you have questions, please ask our center leadership.

There is also information available at http://www.holmesinstitute.org/

Certificated Course Recommendation: A student in any Certificated Courses may not take another certificated course concurrently. By enrolling in only one course at a time, the individual has the opportunity to study the material in depth, and apply this new understanding to his or her daily life experiences—thus opening to embody the new concepts.

Auditing (Reviewing) Courses: Students who have completed any Certificated Course may retake the same course on an audit (or review) basis when approved by the Senior Minister.

Auditing a course has a Registration Fee of $20.00. The student will not receive a new certificate; however, they will be registered in CSL’s data base as having audited, reviewed the course which may be necessary to meet the entry requirements for Professional Practitioner or Ministerial studies.

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Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses as the prerequisite for the subsequent courses:



Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:


Choose one (1) among the following two (2) courses:


Part A -  Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:


Part B – Choose one (1) among the following three (3) courses:

VII. ELECTIVE – Choose 1 course from the vast selection of all other Certificated Courses

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